RHBA-2018:0770-2: gtk3, gdm, gnome-shell, gnome-session update, new packages: wayland

Red Hat Enterprise Linux: An update for gtk3, gdm, gnome-session, gnome-shell, and other related packages
that fixes several bugs and adds various enhancements is now available for Red
Hat Enterprise Linux 7. In addition, new wayland packages are available as a
Technology Preview.

[Updated 16 May 2018]
This adviosory has been updated to provide the gnome-shell-extension-top-icons
package in the Workstation variant of the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 Base

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Caption This: May Winner

Drawing of an Alexa plugged in to a hamburger
by Anonymous (not verified)

Winner: Is this what my cardiologist means by I need an echo?

—Tom Dison, twitter.com/fretinator

Second Place: USBurger

—Greg Charnock, twitter.com/gregcharnock7

Third Place: “Alexa, where’s the beef?”

—Jack, via comment on https://www.linuxjournal.com

Each month, we provide a cartoon in need of a caption—check https://www.linuxjournal.com for the next
one. You submit your caption in the comments on the site or via Twitter,
we choose three finalists, and readers vote for their favorite. See the June issue
for the next winner.

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