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Linux Release Roundup: VLC, Mesa, Audacity + More

apps on a shelfAnother week has flown by, making it time for another round-up of pertinent Linux app releases that didn’t manage to wangle a full post’s worth of waffle on this site. This week’s crop of curios includes updates to the world’s most popular open-source video player, the world’s most popular open-source audio editor, and the world’s […]

This post, Linux Release Roundup: VLC, Mesa, Audacity + More, was written by Joey Sneddon and first appeared on OMG! Ubuntu!.

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DIGImend Project Revived To Improve Non-Wacom Tablets Support on Linux

Nikolai Kondrashov rebooted the DIGImend project that brings support for Genius, Huion, Yiynova, and other non-Wacom graphic tablets to Linux users.

After 9 years of working on DIGImend for free and 1 year of hiatus, Nikolai is now relying on both corporate support and recurring donations via Patreon to fund his work on the project.

Don’t underestimate his statement that with $1300 per month (pre-tax) he would dedicate mere two hours to the project code each weekend (or buy tablets to hack on). Judging by live hacking sessions he broadcasts on YouTube, two hours get a lot of work done.

Earlier this year he already added support for Ugee’s M540 and EX07 tablets, and several days ago support for Ugee 2150 tablet landed. In a thread on Google+ (yes, it’s still a thing) he admitted he would also be interested to work on advanced configuration for such tablets in GNOME.

Visit Nikolai’s Patreon page for more information.

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Raspberry Pi, Linux on ARM Users: Now You Get a New Browser Option with Vivaldi

Raspberry Pi users now have one more browser to choose from besides Chromium, Firefox, and Midori, with the newly-announced availability of an experimental version of power-user-focused Vivaldi.

The Blink-based browser from former Opera CEO Jon von Tetzchner is expanding beyond Windows, macOS, and Linux PCs to a range of ARM-based developer boards, including the Raspberry Pi, CubieBoard, Asus Tinker Board, and more.

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