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HP and Microsoft in Open Conflict as They Become ‘Outright Competitors’

Hewlett Packard and Microsoft are changing “from partners to outright competitors,” says HP CEO Meg Whitman, as the companies shift into the same hardware and service markets. Her words came in a speech given before financial analysts in San Jose. Microsoft has made a number of recent decisions contrary to HP’s…


A tiny BASH Script to Demonstrate ‘IP Aliasing’

“The process in which multiple addresses are created on a single network interface, is known as “IP Aliasing”. IP Aliasing will be very much useful when you need multiple IP addresses to set up multiple virtual sites on Apache making the use of only one network adapter. The most important advantage of IP Aliasing is that you do not need one hardware per IP Address, rather you can generate a pool of virtual network interfaces (i.e. Aliases) on a single device.”

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