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Friday Funnies : 4 Essential iOS7 Accessories

When I first wrote the ideas down for this comic, I hadn’t heard of anyone actually suffering from motion sickness, but it seems that it didn’t take long at all before the reports started to roll in.

I upgraded my old iPhone 4, and very quickly found myself squinting when I used it. I had to resort in the end to using my computer glasses (with blue light cutout) so I could use it with a semblance of comfort.

On the bright side (pun not intended), at least they won’t have to be concerned with anyone trying to copy iOS anymore.


Training Scholarship Winner Andrew Dahl is an Aspiring Kernel Guru

Linux Foundation Training scholarship winner Andrew Dahl is relatively new to the Linux community but he’s already jumped in to help on XFS, fixing bugs and reviewing a small number of patches. As a file system engineer at SGI, he works on NFS, XFS and SGI’s CXFS (Clustered XFS.) But in his spare time he likes to dabble in Qt application development and fix kernel bugs he finds on his current hardware.


NSA Tried and Failed to Compromise Tor, But Browser Vulnerabilities Gave Some Users Away

Intelligence agencies have devoted significant time to cracking the Tor encryption network, reports The Guardian, but it’s largely failed to compromise the system. According to leaked documents obtained by Glenn Greenwald, the NSA and Britain’s GCHQ were frustrated by Tor, at one point in 2012 putting out a presentation called…