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How Not to Kill your DevOps Team

A thriving DevOps culture should mean a thriving IT team, one that plays a critical role in achieving the company’s goals. But leave certain needs and warning signs unchecked and your DevOps initiative might just grind your team into the ground.

There are things that IT leaders can do to foster a healthy, sustainable DevOps culture. There are also some things you should not do, and they’re are just as important as the “do’s.” As in: By not  doing these things, you will not “kill” your DevOps team.

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10 Open Source Security Tools You Should Know

Open source tools can be the basis for solid security and intense learning. Here are 10 you should know about for your IT security toolkit.

In many ways, security starts with understanding the situation. For a couple of generations of IT security professionals, understanding their networks’ vulnerabilities starts with Nessus from Tenable. According to, Nessus is the most popular vulnerability scanner and third most popular security program currently in use.

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Open-Source Security: Zip Slip Critical Flaw Hits Thousands of Projects. Update Now

Security firm Snyk has disclosed a widespread and critical flaw in multiple archive file-extraction libraries found in thousands of open-source web application projects from HP, Amazon, Apache, Oracle, LinkedIn, Twitter and others.

As Snyk explains, some ecosystems, such as Java, don’t provide a central software library for fully unpacking archive files, leading developers to write their own code snippets to enable that functionality.

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