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SIDUS—the Solution for Extreme Deduplication of an Operating System

SIDUS (Single-Instance Distributing Universal System) was developed at
Centre Blaise Pascal (Ecole normale supérieure de Lyon,
Lyon, France), where one administrator alone is in charge of 180 stations.
Emmanuel Quemener started SIDUS in February 2010, and he significantly
cut his workload for administering this park of stations.
SIDUS is now in use at the supercomputing centre PSM more>>

Protect Your Ports with a Reverse Proxy

In a previous article, I discussed Apache Tomcat, which is the ideal way to run
Java applications from your server. I explained that you can run those
apps from Tomcat’s default 8080 port, or you can configure Tomcat to use
port 80. But, what if you want to run a traditional Web server
and host
Java apps on port 80? The answer is to run a reverse proxy.