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Fedora 23 phpMyAdmin-

(Dec 7) phpMyAdmin (2016-11-26) =============================== A patch-levelrelease fixing two small issues: * an issue affecting a small number of usersusing $cfg[‘Servers’][$i][‘hide_db’] or $cfg[‘Servers’][$i][‘only_db’]. * anissue affecting the create table dialog where the partition selection tool wasoverzealous and made it difficult to create a new table. There are also minorimprovements to the Czech language file. phpMyAdmin 4.6.5 (2016-11-25)============================= A release containing security fixes and bugfixes. Aside from the security improvements, many bugs have been fixedincluding: * Fix for expanding in navigation pane * Reintroduced asimplified version of PmaAbsoluteUri directive (needed with reverse proxies) *Fix editing of ENUM/SET/DECIMAL field structures * Improvements to the parserAnd many, many more. Please see the ChangeLog for full details of bugs fixes.

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