KDE Plasma 5.13 Now Available, OpenGear's New NetOps Automation Platform, New Zynthian Raspberry Pi Synthesizer and More

News briefs for June 12, 2018.

KDE released
Plasma 5.13.0 today. The team has “spent the last four months optimising
startup and minimising memory usage, yielding faster time-to-desktop, better
runtime performance and less memory consumption. Basic features like panel
popups were optimised to make sure they run smoothly even on the lowest-end
hardware. Our design teams have not rested either, producing beautiful new
integrated lock and login screen graphics.” New features in Plasma 5.13
include Plasma Browser Integration, redesigned system settings, new look for
lock and login screens, improved KWin graphics compositor and more.
See the release
for links to download pages for live images, distro packages
and source.

OpenGear announced its new NetOps Automation platform, which “provides a
solution for automation of NetOps workflows, enabling the management of the
network from a central location, and eliminating the need for human
intervention on the data center floor or at the edge of the network”. NetOps
is currently available as a beta product for select customers, and will be
generally available in Q4 2018.

There’s a new open-source Raspberry Pi synthesizer called Zynthian, which is
a “swiss army knife of synthesis, equipped with multiple engines, filters and
effects”, Geeky
Gadgets reports
. The synthesizer is completely hackable and “offers an
open platform for Sound Synthesis based on the awesome Raspberry Pi mini PC
and Linux”. See the main website for a
video demo and to order.

Wine development release 3.10 is now available. New features include
Swapchain support in direct 3D, updated Vulkan support, debugger support for
Wow64 processes and more. See the announcement for more details
and to download.

Devuan 2.0 ASCII has been released. Devuan is based on Debian Stretch, doesn’t use
systemd and it lets you choose between SysVinit and OpenRC init systems.
With this release, Devuan provides various desktop environments, including Xfce, KDE, MATE,
Cinnamon and LXQt. See the Devuan release
and the It’s FOSS post
for more information on the distro.

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