Musical Triptic

“Musical Triptic” is a piece of three 80x80cm canvas ( around 32×32 inch ) , painted with Acrylic. It’s a decorative piece, for a part of my home and also a personal project.
This painting was made with different process and a big amount of various layers. Knife, watercolor/ink-likes parts, alla prima, heavy texture work and even collage and copper/gold parts.
… It was of course a pleasure to play so much with the textures, digital-painting world is so dry and ‘2D’ …

1. The three canvas in situ , a wall of my living-room kept for playing music.

2. A close-up on the left part , to show the collage of music score ( reproduction of hand written piece of F.Chopin )

3. Because I work with digital-painting, I don’t have a real painting workshop anymore , so I had to improvise one on my living-room. 

4. The initial speedpainting I did with Krita to plan my work and effect. I could watch it during all the process to not go too much into the chaos.


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