Project Gooseberry (in progress)

video teaser of the project

Project Gooseberry  is the code name for Blender Foundation’s 5th Open
Movie project,
to produce a feature animation film using Open Source
software. Official preproduction
start on Jully 2014, but I could already make visual for it on December 2013.

Here are early artworks, they might not end in the future movie.

WIP ; the Dandelion

The result is not 100% Mine, a part of Mathieu Auvray and ‘Autour de Minuit’ studio team was involved on the 3D part.
The final artwork was used as a splash screen for the new Blender 2.70  and as promotionnal material for the Gooseberry project.

Krita and Blender, CC-By license

Here is the 3D artwork I had to paint on the top. A more advanced rendering and animated of this scene can be seen on the trailer.

Here is the original speedpainting.

Link : Gooseberry Project funding campaign

1920 Wallpaper resolution


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