Ressource : Krita Brushes v4

Here is my 4th brushkit for Krita. A little 5×5 grid of my best tools.
As I keep painting daily, I also keep tweaking my brush-set on the fly, day after day.
I saw I was more productive with less brush, so I reduced the amount of them.
This brushkit is a personnal one, suited to my technics, and style. It’s not a generalist brush kit.
Have a fun time painting with them !

Download ( stable ) :
Github repo :

The brush are compatible with Krita 2.8 and probably future versions
License : CC-0 /public domain.

To install them,  unzip, and paste the three resulting folder ( brushes / paintoppreset and patterns  ) into your Krita user preference directory ( exemple on linux )
You can also open your preference directory inside Krita : Edit > Ressources > Open Resources Folder , don’t forget to restart Krita after

Here is a demo of brush stroke made with them , for more infos on other presets, look at the previous V3 guide :

and a rough speedpaint with :
( for more demo, just look at my artworks from last summer to now ; especially Gooseberry ones )


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