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Unified Inbox & Label Editing Arrive in Open-Source E-mail App ‘N1’

nylas n1 logo

The N1 email client is one of our favourite apps

A major update is rolling out to hackable open source e-mail client N1.

So important are the changes that the developers say it is the biggest update made to the extensible email app since its launch last October.

Nylas N1 v4.4.0 brings a bevy of new features with it, including long-awaited support for a unified inbox and a quicker way to edit labels.

We’ll take a closer look at all the changes in a moment. But first a refresher on what the N1 app is and isn’t.

Nylas N1 – An Open-Source Email Client

Although we often refer to the app as ‘Nylas N1‘ it’s actually called ‘N1’.

‘Nylas’ is the name of the company who make the app and the name of the open-source ‘sync engine’ that provides the powerful mail sorting capabilities.

‘N1’ is the open-source desktop client created by Nylas, the front-end that plugs into the sync engine backend.

N1 uses the open-source sync engine to sift through, sort, organise and apply ‘rules’ to your e-mail on the fly. By default, N1 will use a hosted instance of this engine.

It makes getting started with N1 a total cinch: you install the app, login and authorise  your Gmail, Yahoo!, Outlook or other supported e-mail account and the app will copy across all your mail and fetch/send new mails as they arrive).

Having all of your e-mail stored on a remote third-party server is, understandably, a privacy concern for many (though is theoretically no more “risky” than using the new Windows 10 e-mail app or a third-party e-mail client on Android, iOS, etc, it’s simply about trust).

To reassure the worried Nylas do stress that they are:  “…not an advertising company. We don’t sell user data or provide “personalized” ads, and we have no plans to do so.”

The company makes money by providing infrastructure and services to corporate and enterprise clients.

As both the app and the sync engine are fully open-source, the privacy conscious among you can check the code or run a the Nylas Sync Engine locally for peace of mind.

Why Choose Nylas?

The uniqueness of Nylas is not that it is open-source or well designed. It’s that it’s extensible like a web-browser.

New features, plugins and themes can be added to N1 easily. Developers can write extensions in JavaScript, React, NodeJS, Flux and Electron.

Nylas offer an in-depth guide on getting started with N1 extension development for those interested in expanding its feature set.

Nylas N1 4.4: New Features

Nylas N1 on Linux

Recap of what the app is out-of-the-way, let’s run-down the more notable changes arriving in version 4.4.0.

Note: we are only summarising new features/improvements here. We are not providing a comprehensive list of pre-existing features.

Unified Inbox

‘Unified Inbox allows you to see, sift and sort all mail from all of your connected accounts at once’

It’s the big one, this; the long-awaited, much-requested, can’t-believe-it-didn’t-already-have feature of all features.

Unified Inbox allows you to see, sift and sort all mail from all of your connected accounts at once, in the same window.

Debuting along with the unified Inbox are unified Search and unified Drafts, Sent and Trash views.

As someone who has several e-mail accounts I appreciate the boost in workflow a unified inbox brings. I can now tackle all the mail from all the accounts I care about at the same time (and with over 150 nominations to our Cinnamon Theme Showdown, I’ve had a lot to keep on top of!).

Sidebar Tweaks

Through user feedback the account sidebar has been tweaked to add the following features:

  • Right-click on Labels to edit/rename them
  • Collapsible label and folder views
  • Enable unread counts for all accounts when viewing “All Accounts”
  • Rearrange the order accounts using through Preferences > Accounts

Other Changes

Send and Archive

If you archive e-mail conversations after replying to them then rejoice: the latest version of N1 can perform this action automatically.

Nylas say more “send variants” are to come in a future update, including ‘Send Later’, ‘Undo Send’ and an option to choose which send behaviour is actioned by default.

Send As

If you take advantage of the new unified inbox you could get confused about which mail you’re sending a reply from. A new account picket let’s your choose an alias or account before sending.

You can also set a default account to send mail from in Preferences > Sending.

Launch on Login

To receive notification of new e-mail as it arrives you should keep Nylas running in the background. If you’re forgetful you’ll appreciate the option to  set N1 to launch in the background. Head to Preferences to enable this.


  • You can now archive / trash items from the search results view
  • N1 stores mail it us unable to send in your Drafts folder (and auto-sends it when connection is restored)
  • The conversation list is now loaded faster, and makes fewer database queries
  • Unified Contact autocomplete
  • Unified unread count in indicator icon

Bonus tip: if you use N1 on Ubuntu and would like a theme that integrates better with Ambiance check out this one  on Github.

Nylas N1 Ubuntu Theme

N1 with Ubuntu theme and two-column layout enabled

Download Nylas N1 for Linux

‘Like a browser, N1 is designed to be hacked on and extended with plugins and extensions’

The best thing about N1 (and the Nylas engine that powers it is) is that it’s an open-source project. If a feature is missing, if support is patchy, and if something needs fixing anyone can dive in to toy with the code.

Like Firefox and Chrome N1 is designed to be hacked on and extended with plugins and extensions. Developer who are familiar with JavaScript can add whatever feature or change they need and make it available for other users to install, whether it’s a simple color picket for customizing labels or a totally redesigned interface that auto sorts e-mail alphabetically or inserting Nyan cat .gifs into the subject lines of every mail marked spam.

The possibilities and the potential are fantastic.

You can install N1 on both 32bit and 64bit Ubuntu by using the pre-compiled .deb installer linked below.

This deb, which weighs in at around 73MB, also adds the official N1 repository to your Software Sources so that you can receive future updates as and when they become available.

Download Nylas N1 for Linux (.deb)

Installers for Windows and Mac OS X are also available from the official N1 website.

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This post, Unified Inbox & Label Editing Arrive in Open-Source E-mail App ‘N1’, was written by Joey-Elijah Sneddon and first appeared on OMG! Ubuntu!.

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Ubuntu 16.04 Alpha 2 Released, Available to Download

Xerox Release Schedule Graphic

Today sees the second alpha release of the Ubuntu 16.04 development cycle made available to download.

Alpha 2 arrives a day later than originally planned, and sees just three flavors release builds as part of the milestone.

Xubuntu, Ubuntu GNOME and Kubuntu sit this alpha out. Why? To paraphrase a recent comment from a Kubuntu dev: “There’s simply nothing to test yet.

‘Xubuntu, Ubuntu GNOME & Kubuntu skip this alpha entirely’

Of the three Ubuntu flavors taking part it is only Ubuntu MATE that boasts a set of changes worth the chore of downloading an ISO for.

Download Ubuntu 16.04 Alpha 2

Alpha releases are not recommended for general use unless you’re a developer — but then you already know that. Those diving in to test this development releases are advised to use live media or a virtual machine.

Ubuntu 16.04 Alpha 2 updates a host of well-known apps, including Mozilla Firefox 44, the latest stable release of LibreOffice, and various bits and pieces that make up the GNOME software stack.

Linux Kernel 4.3.x ships in this milestone. Ubuntu 16.04 LTS will use the 4.4 Linux kernel by the time of its final, stable release in April.

The majority of changes in Ubuntu 16.04 Alpha 2 are, as with the previous alpha release, under the hood.

For a brief overview of the more not(ic)able changes since the Ubuntu 16.04 Alpha 1, roll your peepers over the assembly of pixels below.

Ubuntu MATE 16.04 Alpha 2

Alpha releases are for development and testing purposes only and do contain bugs.

ubuntu mate 15.04

The second alpha release of Ubuntu MATE keeps up the chocka-changelog of last release.

There are several new community-contributed wallpapers on offer, plus MATE colorized icons for categories, devices and places.

MATE Desktop v1.12, which includes touchpad improvements, and adds support for multi-touch and natural scrolling features.

Ubuntu MATE Welcome v16.04.1 features a new ambiance theme, gains graphics card detection, and stuffs its software recommendation section with a more varied choice of apps and utilities.

Lastly, but by no means least-ly, libraries to support DVD and BluRay playback are pre-installed in Ubuntu MATE 16.04 (but for licensing reasons will still need user configuration to actually play media).

Download Ubuntu MATE 16.04 Alpha 2

Ubuntu Kylin 16.04 Alpha 2

ubuntu kylin xenial xerus

Kylin is the official Chinese Ubuntu flavor. We don’t talk about it much, but as the screenshot above clearly shows, there’ll soon be a very big reason to!

Changes shipping in the Ubuntu Kylin 16.04 Alpha 2 release are more modest:

  • New version of Kylin Software Center
  • Redesigned China weather indicator
  • Update to Youker personal assistant

Expect substantial UI and UX changes to land in time for the first beta milestone in late February. Among them: an enhanced lock screen & login experience, new first-run wizard and an option to reposition the Unity Launcher at the bottom of the screen¹.

Download Ubuntu Kylin 16.04 Alpha 2

Lubuntu 16.04 Alpha 2


With all effort focused on honing the new LxQt desktop experience, Lubuntu 16.04 Alpha 2 sees only a modest selection of bug fixes and core package updates.

Among the highlights are:

  • Box icon theme update
  • New version of Lubuntu Software Center
  • Linux Kernel 4.3

As a LTS release, Lubuntu 16.04 also supports the (oft forgotten) PowerPC architecture.

If you have an old iMac or iBook sat collecting dust why not put it to good use by helping to test these new PPC builds?

Download Lubuntu 16.04 Alpha 2

¹Not yet landed

This post, Ubuntu 16.04 Alpha 2 Released, Available to Download, was written by Joey-Elijah Sneddon and first appeared on OMG! Ubuntu!.

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Firefox 44 Released With Bug Fixes for Better Media Playback

Firefox Banner

Firefox 44, the latest version of Mozilla’s hugely popular open-source web browser, is now available for download. 

Firefox 44 brings a minor set of changes to the web browsing table, with development having focused on security improvements, bug fixes and media playback tweaks rather than ‘new features’.

Firefox 44 Changes & New Features

firefox insecure warning page

The biggest user-facing change in Firefox 44 is one you don’t want to see: a redesigned warning page. 

Firefox shows the clearer, more concise “Your connection is not secure” page for websites with certificate errors or an insecure connection. Mozilla explains further:

“When Firefox connects to a secure website it must verify that the certificate presented by the website is valid and that the encryption is strong enough to adequately protect your privacy. If the certificate cannot be validated or if the encryption is not strong enough, Firefox will stop the connection to the website and instead show an error page.”

Click on ‘Advanced’ to see further information about the issue (previously hidden behind ‘Technical Details’) and to the load the site in spite of the warning(s) thrown (Advanced > ‘Add Exception’)

omg ubuntu firefox extension

Unsigned add-ons, like this one, can still be run

Other Changes:

Enforced Add-Ons Policy Deferred

Add-on signing was due to be enforced in Firefox 44, by removing a hidden toggle to override it.

A last minute change has deferred the removal add-on signing to Firefox 46, as Mozilla explains:

In Firefox 43, we made it a default requirement for add-ons to be signed. This requirement can be disabled by toggling a preference that was originally scheduled to be removed in Firefox 44 for release and beta versions (this preference will continue to be available in the Nightly, Developer, and ESR Editions of Firefox for the foreseeable future).”

“We are delaying the removal of this preference [in beta & stable builds] to Firefox 46.”

The toggle to load unsigned add-ons is still present, news that will please extension developers and all four users of our (severely antiquated) OMG! Ubuntu! Firefox add-on 😉.

(As soon  Firefox support for Chrome extensions arrives we’ll port over our nifty Chrome add-on).

Download Firefox 44 for Linux

If you’re running a supported version of Ubuntu¹ you will receive this update automatically via Ubuntu Software Updater.

Since Ubuntu updates aren’t pushed out in realtime you may need to run a manual check for the update(s).

  1. Open Dash
  2. Search for ‘Software Update
  3. Click ‘Check for New Updates’  button

In addition, Firefox  is available to download on all platforms directly from the Mozilla website.

Download Mozilla Firefox for Linux

¹Ubuntu 12.04 LTS, 14.04 LTS, Ubuntu 15.10

This post, Firefox 44 Released With Bug Fixes for Better Media Playback, was written by Joey-Elijah Sneddon and first appeared on OMG! Ubuntu!.

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Atom 1.0: Open-Source Code Editor Goes Stable

atom stable releaseMore than a year after launching a public beta the open-source code editor Atom has gone stable.  Atom 1.0 sees improved performance, support for ES6 language features added and, more crucially for some developers, limitations on file sizes removed. Scrolling, typing, and launching are said to be much faster than in earlier versions. GitHub say the tool, which bills itself as ‘a hackable […]

The post Atom 1.0: Open-Source Code Editor Goes Stable was written by Joey-Elijah Sneddon and first appeared on OMG! Ubuntu!.

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greg: You’re so vain

Everyone named “Greg” out there in the world can now sit up straight and imagine this little program is named in their honor.


I was introduced to greg after yesterday’s note about podcastxdl, and in spite of its lack of color and command-action-target input style, I think I like it better than the latter.

Of course, that screenshot isn’t very interesting, but what you see there is a lot of the way greg works. It maintains a list of podcasts and addresses, and you can wrangle them with fairly straightforward actions.

greg add adds to that list. greg remove drops it off, after you confirm it. greg check sees if anything is updated, and greg sync synchronizes your local folder with what’s available online. Like I said, it’s fairly straightforward.

I don’t see anything offhand that disappoints me about greg. I ran into no errors except when I fed it an invalid link, and it warned me that it wasn’t going to work. And aside from the lack of color and lack of an “interface,” it seems to work perfectly without my empty-headed suggestions.

So there’s greg, which we can add to the meager list of podcast aggregators for the console. Now do you see it? “greg”? “aggregator”? Aha. … 😉

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podcastxdl: One-shot downloads for your ears

There are not many podcast tools I can mention, in the years spent spinning through console-based software. In fact, I can think of only about four. But here’s one you can add to your list, if you’re keeping one: PodcastXDL.

2015-04-19-6m47421-podcastxdl 2015-04-19-6m47421-podcastxdl-02

PodcastXDL works in a similar fashion to podget, which you might remember from a looong time ago. Give PodcastXDL a url and a file type, and it should parse through the stream and pull down everything that matches.

It can also spit out links, meaning you can use PodcastXDL to supply links to files, rather than download them. There are also command-line options to start or stop at specific points in a feed, which might be helpful for cropping out older files.

I’ll be honest and say I had a few difficulties working with PodcastXDL, most notably that it didn’t accept my target download directory. If you run into issues with PodcastXDL and nothing seems to be arriving, I would suggest leaving off any -d argument.

Other than that small hiccup, PodcastXDL did what it promised, and I ran into no major issues. It has good color, plenty of options and has seen updates within the past month or so, if you shy away from dated software.

If you need something quick and one-shot for podcast downloads, this could work for you and is better looking than podget was. If you’re looking for something more comprehensive and with more of an interface, stick with podbeuter.

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Ubuntu 15.04 Beta 2 Released, Ready for Download


Ubuntu 15.04 Beta 2 is now available for download and testing

The release is the second and final beta in the Ubuntu 15.04 development cycle and will be followed by a Release Candidate build on April 16, ahead of the final release on April 23. 

Beta 2 is of particular interest as it is the first milestone release that the regular Unity-using version of Ubuntu takes part in.

What’s New in Ubuntu 15.04 Beta 2

Now, before anyone gets too giddy about seeing what’s new, remember that Ubuntu 15.04 (Vivid Vervet) is a ‘maintenance release’ and will be largely similar to the 14.04 LTS and 14.10 releases made last

Bug fixes, polish and small usability improvements are the Vivid Vervet’s calling card. Even the most significant change to take place in Ubuntu for a few years, the move to SystemD as the distribution’s init system, is largely imperceptible.

Unity 7.3

Ubuntu’s default desktop shell Unity receives a fresh round of refinements this release cycle.

Locally Integrated Menus (LIM) are enabled by default in Ubuntu 15.04, embedding app menus inside the window border rather than placing them at the top of the screen — though it’s only with this beta that locally integrated menus show up on unfocused windows.

A small change as it may be it is, as we noted when the ‘Always Show Menus’ option arrived in January, one that addresses the concerns some users had over the disappearing mouseover menus discoverability for newcomers.

If you don’t like locally integrated menus you don’t have to use them. A switch in the System settings > Appearance > Behaviour allows menus to go back to the old behaviour, so anyone who prefer their menus tucked neatly at the top of the desktop can quickly revert to their preferred way of working.

The Dash, HUD and logout/shutdown dialog now show up correctly over fullscreen windows, and minor adjustments to the animations on login and logout should make for a faster startup and shutdown experience.

Compiz 0.9.12

The well-worn Compiz window manager gains a much-needed fix from nVidia that solves issues of blank or black windows for users with the Nvidia proprietary driver enabled.

Compiz now supports the MATE desktop fully, complemented by a refresh of the gtk-window-decorator for Gnome2 support.

Application Updates

Beta testers will also find updated versions of Ubuntu’s core default app set, including the Firefox web-browser, Thunderbird e-mail client and Rhythmbox music player.

Download Ubuntu 15.04 Beta

To download Ubuntu 15.04 Beta 2 (and bearing in mind all the usual caveats that come from running beta-quality software) head over to the official downloads page.

Download Ubuntu 15.04 Beta 2

Ubuntu 15.04 Beta 2 — Flavors

Shipping their own beta wares alongside Ubuntu proper is the family of official flavors, including the newly appointed Ubuntu MATE.

The change logs for a few of these, Lubuntu and Xubuntu in particular, are fairly minimal with only a few package updates, misc improvements and bug fixes between them.

Other members are packing more substantive changes this cycle.

ubuntu mate 15.04

Ubuntu MATE 15.04 Beta 2 balms the teething issues that blighted its inaugural beta, with a few minor changes introduced as a result.

The latest versions of Folder Color and Caja (the MATE file manager) actions are both now installed by default and there’s a new lock keys applet for keyboard aficionados to get acquainted with. The MATE Menu applet is also now available as is improved support for those wanting to use Compiz desktop effects.

On the application side the Cheese webcam app has been replaced with the lighter and less fancy guvcview, but an app still great for snapping a quick desktop selfie and the new drop-down Terminal app Tilda. 

Download Ubuntu MATE 15.04 Beta 2

kubuntu 15 04

Kubuntu 15.04 Beta 2 continues to impress visually with the new Plasma 5.2 desktop enabled by default, while the suite of KDE Applications 14.12.2 offers a solid and reliable set of core apps. LibreOffice 4.4 and Firefox 36 also come preloaded.

Download Kubuntu 15.04 Beta 2

GNOME Weather & Maps in 3.14

Ubuntu GNOME 15.04 Beta 2 ships with last October’s GNOME 3.14 desktop shell and associated apps out of the box. While not as shiny as this weeks GNOME 3.16 release (schedules are to blame) it offers a broader set of improvements over the mix of GNOME 3.10 and 3.12 used for its 14.10 release.

As with other community flavors, Ubuntu GNOME 15.04 also comes with the latest versions of popular apps and features a new default wallpaper.

Download Ubuntu GNOME 15.04 Beta 2

Remember: beta releases are intended for testing and feedback purposes rather than daily use. They are not production-ready. You may encounter bugs, find missing or broken functionality and experience quirks will using them.

You can keep yourself and the rest of the world up to speed on Ubuntu’s release plans by sharing our handy graphic on Twitter.

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