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How to Use Your Android Device as a Trackpad on Linux

If you long to have a trackpad on your Linux machine but don’t want to shell out the cash for one, what do you do? If you happen to have an Android device handy, you already have most of what you need to make this happen.

That’s right, you can turn your Android smartphone or tablet into a sleek trackpad for Linux. For free! What’s best about this solution is you’d be hard-pressed to find a better feeling and responding trackpad than that Android device display. It’s smooth as silk and works better than any trackpad I’ve used.

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Introduction to Docker Compose Tool for Multi-Container Applications

Docker Compose is a “tool for defining and running your multi-container Docker applications”. Your applications can be defined in a YAML file where all the options that you used in `docker run` are now defined. Compose also allows you to manage your application as a single entity rather than dealing with individual containers.  In this tutorial we give you a brief introduction to Docker Compose, by building, you may have guessed…a Blog site.

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How to Easily Back Up and Restore Linux File Permissions

You’ve done an outstanding job of setting up a backup for your files and folders. Your system is running like a champ, and all is smooth sailing. But truth be told, there’s this guy named Murphy…and he has a habit of wreaking havoc when you least expect it. One such instance of havoc can happen when you’re tweaking file system permissions (on that directory hierarchy you’ve worked so hard on). 

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Zorin OS: The Linux Distribution for Windows XP and 7 Fans

Windows XP and Windows 7 are gone…at least as far as Microsoft is concerned. For many, many users across the globe, however, those platforms still live on. Both businesses and homes still use both desktop operating systems that have seen their End Of Life. These platforms are no longer supported by Microsoft, which means they are no longer getting security updates. What does that mean to end users? It means their computers and data are at risk.

Fear not, there is a solution—thanks to Linux.

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5 Live Linux Desktop Distributions You Should Know

Linux is such a unique beast. The flagship open source platform does things no other operating system can do. Case in point…the live distribution. What is a live distribution? Simple. By running completely from RAM, a live Linux distribution allows you to run a full instance of the operating system (from either CD/DVD or USB) without making changes to your current system.

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Getting to Know Linux File Permissions

One of the most basic tasks in Linux is setting file permissions. Understanding how this is done should be considered a must-know, first step in your travels through the Linux ecosystem. As you might expect, such a fundamental issue within the operating environment hasn’t changed much over the years. In fact, the Linux file permission system is taken directly from the UNIX file permission (and even uses many of the same tools).

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Linux Foundation Certified System Administrator: Jorge Tudela Gonzalez de Riancho

The Linux Foundation offers many resources for developers, users, and administrators of Linux systems, including its Linux Certification Program, which is designed to give you a way to differentiate yourself in a competitive job market.

To illustrate how well the certification prepares you for the real world, the Linux Foundation is featuring some of those who have recently passed the certification examinations. These testimonials should help you decide if either the Linux Foundation Certified System Administrator or the Linux Foundation Certified Engineer certification is right for you. In this installment, we talk with Jorge Tudela Gonzalez de Riancho.

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