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Linux Lite 2.2

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Linux Lite 2.2 comes from the Desktop Linux Reviews blog.

It’s been quite a while since I last looked at Linux Lite, the last version I reviewed being 1.0.6. Much has changed in Linux Lite since that release and now it’s reached version 2.2. If you aren’t familiar with it, you should know that Linux Lite is a distribution geared toward helping current Windows users transition to the Linux desktop.

What’s new in Linux Lite 2.2
Here’s a sample of the new features in this release:

New Program locations:

Backups – Menu > Accessories > Backups
File Search – Menu > Accessories > File Search
Date & Time – Menu > Settings > Date & Time
Lite Cleaner – Menu > System > Lite Cleaner
Light Locker Settings – Menu > Settings > Light Locker Settings
Linux Lite Welcome – Menu > Settings > Linux Lite Welcome

Other Changes:

New adjustable size mouse theme added.
Added File Roller as the default archive manager.
Added Light Locker.
Added new Login theme.
Clementine added to Install Additional Software.
Create System Report has been converted to GUI.
Added md5sum check to right click menu.
Added libreoffice-gnome to open files on a NAS.
Launchers now use exo-open instead of xdg-open.
Fixed power settings/screensaver conflict.
Mumble has been dropped.
inxi has been added by request.

Linux Lite 2.2 download and install
You can download Linux Lite 2.2 from the downloads page on the Linux Lite site. You can get Linux Lite 2.2 in 32-bit or 64-bit versions. The ISO file for the 32-bit version weighs in at just 737 MB, and the 64-bit version is just 738 MB. For this review I opted for the 64-bit version of Linux Lite 2.2.

Linux Lite uses the same installer as Ubuntu, so it’s a piece of cake to install. During the install you have the option of downloading updates during the install, and also adding third-party software. I opted to do both so I didn’t have to bother doing them later on. You also have the option of encrypting your install, using the default partitioning or setting up your own. I went with the default partitioning setup and skipped the encryption.

The Linux Lite 2.2 installer is also fast, it didn’t take long at all for my install to finish. During the install you can watch a slideshow about some of the features found in Linux Lite 2.2. I had no problems with my install and when it was completed I rebooted to the Linux Lite boot menu.

Linux Lite 2.2 desktop
When your Linux Lite 2.2 desktop loads, you’ll notice a very helpful welcome menu that appears on the screen. The menu is broken into three sections: Start Here, Support and Contribute. Start Here contains links to install updates, read the release notes or see hardware recommendations. Support will link you to online support, a help manual and a hardware database. Contribute lets you access code, donate to Linux Lite 2.2 or find the distro on social media.

I’ve always been a big fan of these kinds of welcome menus. Yes, it’s true that experienced Linux users might not need or care about them. But for people new to a distribution or to Linux in general, they can be a huge help. Linux Mint was one of the first distributions to do this, and it seems that the Linux Lite developers have followed in their venerable footsteps.

Linux Lite 2.2 uses the Xfce desktop environment (and includes the Whisker menu), which is pretty much my favorite desktop. The panel at the bottom of the screen contains a menu link, an icon to show the desktop, Firefox, an icon for the Thunar file manager and an icon to open a terminal window. Farther to the right you’ll see multiple desktops, keyboard, networking, volume and the date/time.

The Linux Lite 2.2 desktop itself is completely devoid of icons. All you’ll see is what looks like a feather caught in free fall in the center of your screen. It’s a simple visual but it’s also quite elegant in its own way.

Clicking the Menu button will let you access settings, favorite applications, recently used applications, all applications, and applications broken down into various categories. Also at the bottom right of the menu you’ll find additional icons for All Settings, Lock Screen, Switch Users and Log Out. And there is also a search box available at the bottom of the menu.

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