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Make Foresight to ask continue with update? [Y/n]

From scratch, you won’t get the question when installing/updating/removing applications. That need to be enabled in your system. It will assume you want to do the action and do it. To make it ask first, you need to open a file and add a setting for it. To do it, follow this guide:

sudo gedit /etc/conaryrc

Add this line on a new row:

interactive True

Save the file, now it will ask like you see below.


[tforsman@tforsman ~]$ sudo conary install chromium
[sudo] password for tforsman:
The following updates will be performed:
Install chromium(:rpm)=39.0.2171.65_1.el7.centos-1-1
continue with update? [Y/n]


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Possible to download recipes – Foresighters repo

Iv’e been busy to find a way for users to see what’s been added to foresighters repo and able to download the recipe for the package. And now it’s possible.

First, you can see latest added recipes in the widget on the right side and browse all recipes here: https://www.foresightlinux.se/flr-recipes/

Don’t forget to look at Videos section, as Iv’e been planning to make some videos in the near future.

Wondered how Foresight Linux 7 looks like? Take a look at the video below.

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Based on Centos 7 – Possible to install now

Earlier we planned to use Fedora to build Foresight Linux upon. But some issues made it impossible to make that happen. So we will use Centos 7 as core and continue from there.

Now it’s possible to install centos 7 and get conary to work with it.

We have re-written the installation, so you can read how to install everything and get started.

Read more at: http://wiki.foresightlinux.se/index.php?title=Installation


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