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Migrating Virtuozzo to OpenVZ or SolusVM!

I worked for a data center that hated Parallels. The wanted to stop paying the ridiculous pricing for Virtuozzo.. We decided to migrate from Virtuozzo to OpenVZ. We were actually going to SolusVM but the migration to any OpenVZ platform should be the same.

First you should copy over the configuration file. We like to do this using rsync.
rsync -a -e ssh /vz/private/1234/ve.conf root@

Next we copy over the container to your OpenVZ server or in our case our SolusVM Host box.
rsync -a -e ssh /vz/root/1234 root@

After that we start the VM on the new host box.
vzctl start 1234

Next you want to console the container
vzctl enter 1234

This will let you test your new Container to make sure it is working correct. If you have a SolusVM server these are the steps you need to take to finish the migration.

1. Add the IP Addresses to SolusVM
2. Add the Client to SolusVM
3. Import the OpenVZ Container into solusvm.
4. Add any extra IP Addresses to SolusVM then to the Container in SolusVM.
5. Go back to Virtuozzo then remove the old IP Addresses and add one new unused IP Address to the Container so Virtuozzo thinks the IP Addresses you moved are not in use.

This is basically how I migrated a whole bunch of Virtuozzo containers to SolusVM.. Like I said this should work for any OpenVZ Server. How ever you could run into issues depending on how OpenVZ is configured. I hope this helps! Good luck with your migration!