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Applied Expert Systems, Inc.'s CleverView for TCP/IP on Linux

The contemporary data center is typified by an ever-increasing amount of traffic
occurring between servers, observes Applied Expert Systems, Inc. (AES), sagely.
Fulfilling the logical need to facilitate improved server-to-server
communications, AES created CleverView for TCP/IP on Linux, now at v2.7.
CleverView provides IT staff access to current and more>>

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Android Candy: Landing on the Moon, with your Thumbs

I do a lot of system administration with my thumbs. Yes, if I’m
home, I grab a laptop or go to my office and type in a real terminal
window. Usually, when things go wrong though, I’m at my daughters’ volleyball
match or shopping with my wife. Thankfully, most tasks can be done
remotely via SSH. There are lots of SSH clients for Android, but my
favorite is JuiceSSH.

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