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Installing and Running a Headless Virtualization Server

In recent years, hardware virtualization has become commonplace in the
computing industry and more available to end users. The
idea behind it is a noble one. Why invest in allocating more server
hardware and not utilize it to its full potential, when instead you can
consolidate it all onto one or a few servers and share their resources?

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Vagrant Simplified

I admit it, some tools confuse me. I know they must be amazing, because
programs don’t get popular by being dumb (well, reality TV, but that’s
another story). I have the same sort of confusion with Vagrant that I
have with Wine, Docker, Chef and countless other amazing tools people
constantly rave about. So in this article, I’m going to break down Vagrant into
its simplest form.

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Readers' Choice Awards 2014

It’s time for another Readers’ Choice issue of Linux
! The format
last year was well received, so we’ve followed suit making your voices
heard loud again. I couldn’t help but add some commentary in a few places,
but for the most part, we just reported results. Please enjoy this year’s
Readers’ Choice Awards!

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Virtualization using Proxmox VE

If you are an IT guy I am sure you have used some kind of Virtualization or at least heard about it. I personally have used just about everything out there. I am sure I have missed some but here is the list I have used. Vmware, Xen, OpenVZ, Virtual Box, KVM, Virtual PC, HyperV, and Parallels. I am sure I missing some that I cannot think of right now. I have also tried and used many control panels for Virtualization Management. To list some HyperVM, SolusVM, Proxmox VE, and OnAPP. I am sure I am missing some again as I used several of Vmware’s and others… Back to the topic. I started using Proxmox a few years ago. I put a couple in the data center I worked at as they were way to cheap to buy anything. One thing I like about it is that any Virtual Host has its own cp or it can be cluster and have one cp for several servers. The next thing I like about is is it can do Online Migrations if you have a SAN. There is more I like as well. You can setup backups on a schedule. It allows you to use KVM or OpenVZ. Proxmox VE has a bunch of OpenVZ templates built it. It is easy to install you just put the cd in and go! Most of all its FREE! Being in Data Centers all the time I see it used quite often. If you want a great piece of Virtualization Technology try Proxmox VE They just released the Beta and will be releasing version 2 very soon!