Total War: WARHAMMER II Coming to Linux, Red Hat Announces GPL Cooperation Commitment, Linspire 8.0 Alpha 1 Released and More

News briefs for June 18, 2018.

Feral Interactive announced this morning that Total War: WARHAMMER
is coming to Linux and macOS this year. You can view the trailer here. Pricing and
system requirements will be announced closer to the release.

Starting today, Red Hat announced
that “all new Red Hat-initiated open source projects that opt
to use GPLv2 or LGPLv2.1 will be expected to supplement the license with the
cure commitment language of GPLv3”. The announcement notes that this
development is the latest in “an ongoing initiative within the open source
community to promote predictability and stability in enforcement of
GPL-family licenses”.

Linspire announced
the release of 8.0
Alpha 1
yesterday. This release marks the beginning stages of the new
Linspire release, scheduled for around Christmas, and is not intended for
use in production environments. New features include Ubuntu 18.04 Base,
new GUI layout, kernel 4.15/0-23, Mate 1.20.1, Google Chrome 67 and more.

Yesterday marked the end of security support for for Debian GNU/Linux 8
“Jessie”, Softpedia
News reports
. If you haven’t already done so, upgrade now.

Phoronix reports
on feautres that didn’t make it for the mainline Linux kernel 4.18. Work that
isn’t being mailined includes Bcachefs, NOVA, Reiser4, WireGuard, LLVM Linux
and more.

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